PKSG December Jam & Mini Speed Comp

PKSG Monthly Jam is our usual monthly jam for the members of public and our community to meet up for workshops, training and exposure to Parkour. We always host an Intro to Parkour Basic workshop for those newcomers that want to give parkour a try.

We will hold a friendly style competition that will be open to all levels (even newcomers) to have the experience of doing flow and lines in a competitive setting.

Why learn Parkour?

Parkour is a new and engaging way to work out and build overall fitness through movement. While many people perceive it as a daredevil sport, it is actually a discipline that builds the body and mind through physical, technical and mental training in a safe manner.

Acquire functional movement skills

Gain practical and safe movement skills such as preventing falls, falling safely, moving mindfully, balancing, etc.

build self-confidence through play

Learn to progressively overcome fears, and build your mental fortitude, while expressing creativity in movement and having fun.

Develop a stronger and more nimble body

Through resilient training and conditioning, your entire body gets more mobile and stronger.

You can train anywhere, anytime

All you need is a good pair of runners and you're good to go! The world is your playground.

What happens during the workshop at the jam?

In this Intro to Parkour Basics workshop, you will learn the basics of Parkour — Overcome obstacles in your environment safely with your body. By the end of the workshop, you will be able to apply simple moves to navigate around obstacles creatively. 

Don’t worry about getting all the moves “perfect” on day one, since Parkour is a long-term discipline that requires regular practice and body conditioning. It’s important to have fun, and take an exploratory and curious approach! Here’s what to expect during the workshop:

1. Warm up and introduction

Get your body warm and ready to move, while the instructor introduces what Parkour is and its core values.

2. rail balancing

Rail balancing is one of the foundational skills in Parkour which hones your body awareness and sensitivity.

3. jumps and landings

Learning to jump and land with proper technique helps you get more precise about where you’re going, and makes sure your legs (especially the knees) are well-maintained in the long run.

4. basic vaults training

You will learn to go through obstacles with basic vaults like Step Vault, Lazy Vault, and so on. These skills can come in handy when you need to cross barriers safely.

5. wall moves training

You will get introduced to the Cat Hang technique (which helps you stay on a wall), and basic wall mounting and dismounting methods. What goes up must come down, so it’s important to learn to down from a wall safely!

6. link all the moves together

With a few basic moves in your movement vocabulary, it is time to link them together to form a flow sequence from point A to point B. 

7. cool down and debrief

You will be guided in a group cool down activity, with a group debrief to reflect on what you have learnt, and what you can do moving forward.

Workshop Details

Slots are limited! Sign up before attending.

What to prepare

Be dressed in comfortable sports attire, bring at least 750 ml of water, and extra clothes to change into if needed.

Who can attend

Anyone age 7 and above who has no major medical conditions, and is able to perform light to strenuous physical activities. No prior experience is needed.

Date, Time & Venue

18 Dec 2022
11am - 6pm (combined with Lion City Parkour Carnival)

Somerset Youth Park
121 Somerset Rd, Singapore 238166

Mini Style Competition

In this friendly mini competition open to all levels (including newcomers with zero to minimal experience), competitors will have to demonstrate a sequence of Parkour movements (known as a line) to create a stylish flow within the space.


The winner will get to walk away with a PKSG merchandise.

Jam Schedule

1100 - 1120Registration / Athletes Open Session
1120 - 1130Gathering of Athletes (Skills Comp)
1130 - 1140Skills Comp Briefing
1140 - 1230Start of Skills Comp
1230 - 1240Break / Tabulation of Score
1240 - 1250Prize Presentation
1250 - 1300Break / Open Session / Games
1300 - 1310Gathering of Athletes (Speed Comp)
1310 - 1325Speed Comp Briefing
1325 - 1350Start of Speed Comp
1350 - 1400Tabulation of Scores / Prize Presentation
1400 - 1415Event Registration / Check-In (PKSG Dec Jam)
1415 - 1430Workshop Briefing / Group Warm Ups / Ice Breakers
1430 - 1600Workshops - Parkour Basics
1600 - 1610Group Photo Taking / Wrapping up of the Workshop
--Mini Style Competition
1610 - 1615Gather Participants
1615 - 1620Briefing for Qualifiers
1620 - 1635Practice for Qualifiers
1635 - 1655Qualifiers
1655 - 1700Results for Qualifiers
1700 - 1705Briefing for Finalists
1705 - 1720Practice for Finals
1720 - 1740Finals
1740 - 1755Results for Finals and Prize Presentation Ceremony
1755 - 1800Debrief / Area Cleaning / End of Monthly Jam

sign up now

Limited slots available. Do sign up soon!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You will receive a confirmation email that includes your ticket. Do read up on the details on this webpage so that you are well-prepared to attend.

No. We require all participants to register for themselves. As we need the consent of each participant via their own / their parent or guardian’s signature, and we want ensure that we have all participants’ important information in case of any emergency.

The age range for participants is 7 years old and above.

We will look at the birth year of the participant. Take the current year (2022) and subtract their birth year, and the result is the age.

For example, if they are born in 2011,  we will consider them to be 11 years old (2022 – 2011).

Every person has a different goal and body. Therefore, we delight in helping you grow at a safe pace you can manage, with no competition or boot-camp shouting.

While training together with other attendees, you’ll get to learn from one another and bond through shared challenges.

If you can move and love to play, you can definitely learn something. Don’t worry about making mistakes, as every mistake is also a lesson learnt! Embrace the awkwardness that comes with learning anything new, as awkwardness is also an indicator of learning.

Anyway, don’t overthink this. It’s probably easier than you think. 

You may think only the fit and active can learn new skills. Yet, we have taught students of diverse backgrounds and fitness levels.

In fact, many students began their training from an inactive sedentary lifestyle, and have discovered a whole new meaning to physical, mental, and spiritual health over time.

No matter what your abilities are, you can pick up something new. We strongly believe that anyone can enjoy the benefits of movement training and other art forms.

Safety and strong sense of self-awareness is our non-negotiable practice when doing Parkour training.

As instructors who have years of experience in managing danger under our belt, we emphasise the importance and teach the ways of keeping ourselves safe at all times.

Above all, safety starts with being mindful of one’s limits, and having the discipline to refrain. Through practice and with our help, you will be able to achieve this self-awareness.

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